The letter is written on beautiful and expensive parchment, the writing is quick yet precise.

September 20, 16XX

You notice that last two numbers of the year have been spoiled by smeared ink.

It is my first day in the great beautiful city of New Valencia. Set in the heart of Spain, New Valencia is a centre point for international sale and travel due to it’s port access for trade goods and it’s modern yet still charming city. The city is large with it’s wide coastal region, modern cityscape and closer to the south, a roaming countryside. There is a bazaar right on the docks where travelers and locals alike can trade goods and barter as well as experience the culture centrefold of Spain. The city is a flowing, busy metropolis for food, culture, trading and so much more. There are inns for overnight staying, a bakery for fresh loaves made of the finest grain and a gorgeous stained glass cathedral, able to be seen and adored across the cityscape.

But there is more than just the surface appearance of this beautiful city. For those able to see past the glamour, I have discovered that there is so much more lurking in the cityscape. Beings with impossibly intangible features; horns, hooves and bright inhuman eyes. There are short, grotesquely, wrinkled creatures selling items that sparkle or that create doorways to the most impossible of places where beings can disappear through to magical forests and safe gates where they call home. This place is the domain to those who have escaped Arcadia and have found sanctuary with beings who are similar to their own. They are called Changelings and this place is their freehold. But visitors beware, for there is a danger in their own who will surely be the death of me. Even as I write I fear for my safety, and I will take the soonest ship away from this place before I am caught.

What hasn’t been explained is the bottom of the page has been ripped and the fine cream parchment smeared in a mix of blood and ink. Written in smeared blood underneath in neat cursive says:

“I leave this as a warning.”