Arcadian Depths

Weekly Rumors 12/12/6

-There has been hushed worry on the Queen of Pentacle’s health recently. The other monarchs assure that its fine but even then the flood of worry continues to spread.

-With the pass of Dia de la Constitucion, the city seems to calm back into its regular swing however people are still in joyous mood in result of the festivities.

-A strong snow has come down the last two days, it doesn’t seemed to have stopped yet. This has caused a lot of changelings to retreat to inside the court commons making it the busiest it’s been in a long while.

-The Changeling guarding the Conservatory has fallen asleep nights ago and has not reawoken.

-The Monarchs have left for a meeting with other freeholds outside of the city in exception of Lily, who is feeling under the weather and Nevada who is known for her exclusion in foreign affairs. Both have kept to themselves.


RosietheRoo RosietheRoo

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