Arcadian Depths

Weekly Rumors (2/2/17)

-The aftermath of the ball has left the court building in disarray. The ballroom is trashed, blood spilt on the clean marble floor.

-Those affected by the poisoned wine remain alive but asleep

-The monarch Lily and all of her courtiers have dissapeared in exception to a couple newer courtiers who were left behind.

-Other courts have begun removing all Pentacles matters from the freehold and are banning together for tbe removal of the fourth court. All left behind courtiers are advised by others to change their court.

-Vandalizing has become a problem over the Pentacles plaque, the conservatory and the Pentacles housing hall.

-The monarchs have not yet returned.

There isn’t hostility persay however any awake pentacles courtiers will notice indifference


RosietheRoo RosietheRoo

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