Ella McCarthy

Courtier of the Court of Wands ‚óŹ


Court: Wands
Seeming: Elemental
Kith(s): Flowering
Apparent Age: Late teens
Appearance: A quiet Irish girl, she has long vibrant hair and a stoic face. She speaks with a heavy Irish lilt.
Concept: Shrinking violet
Known abilities: Organizational skills, reading and writing comprehension
Languages: Spanish, English
Known role(s)/location(s): Head librarian in the Wands Library


Little is known about Ella other than that she was taken into this freehold after Snap freed her from the Wishmakers Lab. Its unknown if she was returning to New Valencia or simply came following Snap who saved her. She seems to like Snap’s company as she is a plant like he is. She often stays inside the library and is often seen reading about chemistry and botany.

Ella McCarthy

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