Kat (Katherine)



Court: Courtless
Kith(s): Flowering / Author
Apparent Age:
Appearance: From first glance, it is clear that Kat is not a physically strong person. With pale skin and not much muscle, she does her best to avoid being in a fight. As a gravewright, these features were amplified, making her seem more sickly and ghastly. As a flowering though, her skin is tinged pink and her hair has streaks of red in it. However, physically, she still does not look very strong.
Known abilities:
Languages: Spanish
Known role(s)/location(s):

Cycle #799 Kat:

Human Kat:


Kat loves books and writing. She owns a private library that is located in a room next to the Conservatory. Few people know about it though.

For 799 cycles, Kat has been a Pentacles courtier and was often either seen working in the Infirmary or in the Conservatory. Except for trying to get her to change courts most paid little attention to her, probably because no one saw her as a threat. She is friends with Pierre and Sara. She is in a romantic relationship with Tameron and is seen spending a lot of time with him. For all previous cycles, she became a Gravewright/Author Changeling, but for the most recent one, she is a Flowering/Author, likely because she stayed with Tameron for her Durance rather than convincing him to leave Arcadia.

With the exception of Krysta and maybe a few others, she does not like the court of Swords.

For this cycle, she seems to be on uneven terms with Sara.

Kat (Katherine)

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