Pierre Blanc / Jean Pierre (Wishmaker)

Courtier of Court of Cups ‚óŹ


Court: Cups
Seeming: Beast
Kith(s): Truefriend
Apparent Age: Mid to late 20’s
Appearance: A teenage boy with fluffy soft white hair, as he grows older his hair becomes long and is eventually pulled back by a baby blue ribbon in a half fallen bun/ponytail. His features are very feline like with an uncomfortable grin and a pair of cat slit eyes staring back at you, one blue, one gold. For anyone with animal knowledge they would know he’s based off of a turkish angora cat, which is known for its heterochromia. He speaks with a heavy french accent.
Concept: Mr Grumpypaws
Known abilities:
Languages: French, Spanish
Known role(s)/location(s):

Parka Boy (Jean-Pierre):

Young Pierre (Pre Massacre):

The Wishmaker/Pentacles Pierre (Cycle 799) :

Adult Pierre (Cycle 800):

Mantle Flavour: While Lily’s mantle as the monarch was the feeling of magnetism, Pierre’s monarch mantle in the doomed cycle was corrupted, as while the magnetism is still there was also a level of disgust to it.


Jean-Pierre began his life as a homeless street child living on the streets of Paris. It’s unsure what happened to his actual parents however Jean doesn’t seem to have memory of a life before the one he has with Oliver. After Oliver disappeared Pierre chased him into Arcadia where he was found by Krysta, who would later be revealed as his Keeper.

Little else is actually known about Pierre as almost everybody in the freehold seems to ignore him outside of Cooper, the small little tin child with a wooden sword who, much to Pierre’s disgust, follows him around and calls him “Kitty”. However it seems he does take somewhat care of the child such as he keeps a pocket full of his lost toys. He also is often seen slinking around Lily’s quarters or exiting from them…

Pierre Blanc / Jean Pierre (Wishmaker)

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