Sara Caro

Courtier of the Court of Cups ●●●●


Court: Cups
Seeming: Wizened
Kith(s): Brewer / Blightbent
Apparent Age: Mid to late teens
Appearance: Sara is a short little round woman wearing low class clothes, usually in either greens or in creams and browns. She has dimples and laugh lines and scuttles around the freehold commons, seen either stirring the fountain or cleaning the floors.
Concept: “Don’t trust Sara to make your drinks”
Known abilities:
Languages: Spanish, French
Known role(s)/location(s): Staff member in the Mess Hall Kitchen and Host of the Court Commons


Sara is generally a helpful person who is friendly and talkative, sometimes overly so. She is commonly seen bothering Venn or cleaning.

Sara Caro

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