Tameron Espinoza / Snap



Court: Courtless
Seeming: Elemental
Kith(s): Blightbent / Flowering (Previously Gristlegrinder / Woodblood)
Apparent Age: Mid to late teens
Appearance: A tall man with dreadlocks and clothing of the poorer variety, he lives in the conservatory. He seems to be calm and collective in nature. He speaks with a slight mediterranean accent and his skin seems very slightly green. In his mouth is a row of very thin sharp teeth.
Concept: Venus flytrap
Known abilities:
Languages: Spanish, English, French
Known role(s)/location(s): Caretaker of the Conservatory


Tameron is commonly known as the man from the conservatory. He was known for his duty to the freehold by watching over hedge plants and fruits being harvested there as well as keep the grounds well maintained and groomed. Before his dissapearance he was rarely seen outside of the conservatory as he found himself too tired when in cold climate, probably due to the plant portion of him. In all 800 cycles, he seems to have friendships to both Sara and Pierre. He has always had a romantic relationship with Kat but only in the last cycle has he shared her durancr in Arcadia, going from a gristlegrinder/woodblood to a blightbent/flowering.

Tameron Espinoza / Snap

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