Arcadian Depths

Weekly Rumors 2/17/17

-Saturday night about 20 new hedgeback changelings come to the freehold. When asked where they came from they will all state that they are from a lab in the hedge all of similar description. They all will mention meeting a man made of roots and leaves with sharp teeth who has instructed them of where to go.

-The place seems fuller since the arrival of the changelings.

-The man known as Belphegor is seen in the commons. Why he’s here, nobody has yet asked. They are more confused on why he is eating the commons foliage.

-Vulpi has come out of her chambers. Where she has been is unconfirmed.

Weekly Rumors 2/9/17

-The festivities of the city come and pass although the snow does not ease. This becomes a problem for changelings all attempting to find shelter during the time as the snow hurts to the touch for them and it’s rumored it may be made of cold iron but is that possible?

-There is said to have been a man on the docks selling strange plants

-there is said to be a changeling so powerful it can make wishes come true. They call him The Wishmaker

-About a week after the snow passes as quickly as it had come.

Weekly Rumors (2/2/17)

-The aftermath of the ball has left the court building in disarray. The ballroom is trashed, blood spilt on the clean marble floor.

-Those affected by the poisoned wine remain alive but asleep

-The monarch Lily and all of her courtiers have dissapeared in exception to a couple newer courtiers who were left behind.

-Other courts have begun removing all Pentacles matters from the freehold and are banning together for tbe removal of the fourth court. All left behind courtiers are advised by others to change their court.

-Vandalizing has become a problem over the Pentacles plaque, the conservatory and the Pentacles housing hall.

-The monarchs have not yet returned.

There isn’t hostility persay however any awake pentacles courtiers will notice indifference
Weekly Rumors 12/16/16

-The snow outside continues to fall despite the winter season passing swiftly. Many changelings stay in the court commons for safety and the Monarchs have not yet returned, probably due to the weather.

-There seems to be a hushed excitement throughout the commons. It seems the Monarch of Pentacles is feeling better.

-The man in the tower has not been seen nor checked up on. Many changelings are afraid of catching this sleeping sickness and The Monarch of Pentacles has cautioned all to stay away from the conservatory.

Weekly Rumors 12/12/6

-There has been hushed worry on the Queen of Pentacle’s health recently. The other monarchs assure that its fine but even then the flood of worry continues to spread.

-With the pass of Dia de la Constitucion, the city seems to calm back into its regular swing however people are still in joyous mood in result of the festivities.

-A strong snow has come down the last two days, it doesn’t seemed to have stopped yet. This has caused a lot of changelings to retreat to inside the court commons making it the busiest it’s been in a long while.

-The Changeling guarding the Conservatory has fallen asleep nights ago and has not reawoken.

-The Monarchs have left for a meeting with other freeholds outside of the city in exception of Lily, who is feeling under the weather and Nevada who is known for her exclusion in foreign affairs. Both have kept to themselves.

Weekly Rumors 12/5/16

-Pierre often leaves the freehold for weeks at a time. He goes mostly unnoticed by the others who already pay little attention to him.

-it’s often to see Sara add strange things to her drinks but wait is that a skull?!

-even in a time of peace, there are hushed rumours of privateers and loyalists, mostly its courtiers distrusting other courts

- the Pentacles seem to hold some sort of hushed excitement about something

-During a Swords feast, a courtier got their hand and four ribs broken.


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